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BangkokTap is powered by MediaWiki software, which enables anyone to edit, add, modify, and correct content. This is incredibly powerful for communities to build a resource that everyone can share and use. Wikipedia, the world's largest encyclopedia and one of the largest websites in the world, was built using the same system.

The idea behind BangkokTap is to provide unbiased, up-to-date information and resources for people living and visiting Bangkok. The more people that contribute, the more useful this resource becomes.

In order for BangkokTap to remain a useful resource, it needs people from within the community to contribute - that is you! If you have anything to add or correct, please do so. It is very easy, and only takes a few seconds. If you have more time and want to contribute more, please do.

You can begin editing by clicking on "Login" in the upper right of, and then click "Join BangkokTap". Once you have an account, you can create and edit pages but clicking on the "Actions" dropdown menu on any page. You can find basic editing info here:

And you can find a basic FAQ here:

It's straightforward once you use it for a few minutes. You can collaborate with other users on Discussion pages for each page, or on users Talk pages.

You can read the User's Guide here to understand the basics of how to edit and add content.