Shopping in Bangkok

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Shopping Malls

  • MBK: Aside from selling souvieneirs, there is an excelent food court, at the top a movie theatre, bowling alley, and a wide variety of restaurants. Spending a few hours at MBK isn't a bad idea.
  • Siam Malls: Some of the biggest malls in Bangkok, with unlimited shopping and food options. Explore the upper floors of Paragon to see lamborghinis, Rolls Royle, and Astin Martins, all for sale in the mall!
  • Terminal 21: Unique mall with each floor having a different city theme, such as the San Francisco floor, the Istanbul floor, etc. Guards dress in themed outfits. This mall is designed like an airport with massive escalators. Offers excellent shopping and dining options. Off Asok BTS.
  • Pantip Plaza: Pantip is a huge electronics store with many levels of every kind of phone, computer, and accessory you could want. Also has knockoff movies, cameras, and other gadgets. Worth visiting even if you don't plan to shop. Location here.
  • Platinum Fashion Mall: Near Pantip, it is a massive fashion mall with countless clothes for mostly women, but an entire floor for men. Walk around the underground next door for shoes, suits, costumes, and more. Location here.
  • Sampheng Plaza Market - As part of Chinatown, checkout this outdoor market to buy pretty much anything under the sun. Location here.


  • Chatuchak Weekend (JJ) Market- Nicknamed the JJ Market, this weekend market is one of the largest outdoor markets in the world, and offers shoppers a wide range of clothing selection, household items, and food and drinks. JJ Market even has a reptile section with dogs, snakes, and exotic pets.
  • Siam Square Night Market- In the heart of the city and flanked by luxury malls Siam Paragon, Siam Square One and Siam Center is Siam Square Night Market, a string of stalls featuring inexpensive clothing buys. Food stalls also line the streets to satisfy hungry shoppers. A bustling and lively market that runs from late afternoon to late in the night, Siam Square Night Market provides a contrasting shopping experience to its neighbouring malls.